The Brand Bang Story: How Ayushman took his Media Agency from Zero to One

May 14 06:49 2021

How often do we dream? People will say they do dream, they dream big – to become the richest, the greatest entrepreneur and so on. How often do we dare to live our dream? Well, not many voices this time! We often talk of dreaming big, to hit the unconventional road and achieve incredible feats. But seldom do people dare to walk that path and take the risk to turn their dream into reality. Meet Ayushman Mohanty, the 18 year old kid from India, who took the bold step and decided not to constrain himself in a 9 to 5 job after gruelling years of Formal Education. Instead he spent his time discovering the world of media graphics, learning video editing, graphic designing, photography and entrepreneurial skills all by himself.

He kept himself busy by exploring the functionalities of his sub-optimal mp4 video player and a VGA 0.3-megapixel camera. He would hop around the nearby playground and capture small videos. That’s how he got the exposure to the digital multimedia world. What was his motivation behind all these? “If you are studying with an attitude just to get a job, then the institutions will always provide workers and servants to the society not leaders”, smartly says the young chap. After getting a basic knowledge of multimedia technology, Ayushman looked for real life projects to work on. And it’s a wise saying that if there’s a will, there’s a way. He soon found himself working with the Technical Guruji as part of their visual graphics team. By the way, he was just a lad thirteen when he worked with the Technical Guruji!

Finally he founded his Media Agency BrandBang. The name is interesting. Ayushman shared his thought behind this unique name. “It is an amalgamation between “brand” and the “big bang”. It means like we start developing a company from the scratch and make it a reputable brand, similar to how our universe was born from nothing by the big bang.” BrandBang has a great international reputation. He is currently working with the Team of Dani Daniels, BeerBiceps, Technical Guruji, and famous brands like Sellanycar UAE, Absolute Nutrition and many more. His brand is growing each day and the young entrepreneur is elated at his fortune. His suggestions to the young entrepreneurs: “don’t fear to take the uncertain path, follow your passion and make yourself skilled at what you do.”

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