Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd Introduces Accurate and Durable Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers Available With Various Specification

December 02 13:57 2020
Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is pleased to introduce a variety of environmental test chambers designed for use in different sectors to test and examine products under other environmental conditions.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is gladly presenting a wide range of environmental test chambers used in different sectors to determine specific physical states artificially. These machines are used in a laboratory setting to test and simulate natural and harsh climate situations or examine the impact of the made environment on a certain sample or product. Some of the elements that products can be tested on include humidity, temperature, and light. The machines are additionally utilized in electronic product examinations, where the specimen is put inside regulated conditions, and the impact of different environmental situations like varied temperature, humidity, UV light, salt spraying, etc., may be examined. These units are available in a variety of capacities. The capacities range from walk-in chambers, floor-standing chambers to desktop chambers, all of which are accessible at this store. To improve the study and examination of the changes happening in the sample inside the system, the interior is equipped with sensors. These chambers are manufactured in various volume capacities. Both walk-in environmental chambers and table-top accessible. Like all other devices in a research facility, these units are made to meet the high standards of sterility needed. Gerald Li said in a statement that they allow customers to choose from different types of environmental chambers, such as benchtop temperature test chambers, temperature test chambers, constant temperature humidity, etc.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd Introduces Accurate and Durable Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers Available With Various Specification

Temperature test chambers are widely used in various fields such as automotive, packaging, aerospace, and electrical products to test industrial objects at different temperatures. It can check and evaluate if the product can meet the needed international standards and offers an excellent reference in the product R&D stage. This type of climate chamber has been built and designed using modern technology and features to determine results without error.

Temperature and humidity test chambers are devices used to test and evaluate the product’s ability to withstand extreme humidity and temperatures, even if there is a small defect. These units are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, and other research institutions. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features such as cameras, alarms, and displays to allow quick and easy monitoring of the sample for fluctuations in temperature or humidity. 

The benchtop temperature test chamber is also the new unit to be introduced. It is designed with the latest features in mind to study new materials’ ability to withstand high and low temperatures. These units can be placed on a table or any flat surface because they come in compact sizes. They are used to test electronic parts, auto parts, etc.

About Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd, based in China, is one of the world’s leading companies that manufactures and sells environmental test chambers. The company has the most qualified engineers, covers an area of 12,100, and has an annual production capacity of 1,500 sets. A list of the products they supply includes temperature test chamber, temperature humidity test chamber, constant temperature humidity, etc.

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