Changing the World through Charity Innovations with Prance Gold Holdings Trust

November 17 10:41 2020
Changing the World through Charity Innovations with Prance Gold Holdings Trust

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The year 2020 wasn’t the best year the world has seen. During the first months, a new pandemic has struck the world resulting in a widespread pandemic. Most businesses and organizations were forced to put their operation to halt due to the lockdown protocols brought in place to fight the COVID-19 crisis. This situation may hamper a lot of organizations, but Prance Gold Holdings Trust is dedicated to creating a better world day by day, crisis, or not.

Prance Gold Holdings Trust is a charity foundation that focuses on helping people out of poverty. This charity foundation is dedicated to achieving 17 sustainable development goals. The global community needs to invest in innovation. Prance Gold Holdings Trust approaches this issue fundamentally differently. The charity’s vision is to be a pioneering, innovative, and disruptive influence, constantly in search of new and better ways to solve world and economic problems. The organization believes that together, everyone can make a difference for the world because future generations depend on it.

This charity foundation aims to contribute towards humanitarian and charitable causes that will create a positive ripple effect in the world. Through these causes, Prance Gold Holdings Trust hopes that it can help in solving the critical global problems of humankind through environmental conservation, humanitarian cause, and nation development.

Prance Gold Holdings Trust’s environmental conservation focuses on reviving our mother earth. Because of our actions, the world has become sick. The organization knows that we have to take care of it now or else we will suffer the consequences later. Its cause is to act and help stop climate changes, deforestation, and ocean pollution.

Its humanitarian cause centers on helping each other get back on their feet. From natural disaster reliefs to fighting the spread of Malaria disease, Prance Gold Holdings Trust is ready to help.

“Lastly, developing countries often suffer to get basic necessities, such as clean drinking water, basic sanitation, food, and medicine. The organization helps in providing sustainable solutions to combat this problem long-term.” mentioned Jeffrey Guo, project manager of  Prance Gold Holdings Trust.

About Prance Gold Holdings Trust

The Prance Gold Holdings Trust is a Charity Foundation with the vision of helping people out of poverty. The Charity Foundation is a strong believer in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Prance Gold Holdings & Trust is the daughter of the legacy from Prance ‘Steven’ Gold Junior. Sarah Gold is the Chairman of the Foundation. Just like her father, she continues to support innovative and sustainable solutions to solve major social crises.

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