Europe Air Conditioning Market is Expected to be More Than USD 21 Billion by 2025

July 01 18:20 2020
Europe Air Conditioning Market is Expected to be More Than USD 21 Billion by 2025

Air Conditioners are extremely useful due to the following properties.
According to Renub Research analysis Europe Air Conditioning Market is expected to be more than USD 21 Billion by the end of year 2025. Forecast by Countries (2020 – 2025)

Renub Research report titled “Europe Air Conditioning Market & Volume By Country, By Segments (Splits, VRF, Rooftops, Chillers, AHU, Fan Coils, Others), Company Analysis” captures a detailed analysis of Europe air conditioner market

With increasing temperature and humidity levels in European countries, the market for Air Conditioner is also growing year on year. Air Conditioner has become a utility product in most of the countries than a luxury product with increasing per capita income and rapid urbanization in developed and developing countries. According to Renub Research analysis, this Europe Air Conditioning Market is expected to be USD 21 Billion by the end of the year 2025.


Improvement in technologies such as the Internet of Things is also propelling the market of Air Conditioners, due to these technologies, appliances have become more efficient with the use of built-in Wi-Fi users can interact with mobile phone app from any place. Most of the electronic companies are also working on the development of energy-efficient Air Conditioner as most of the consumers consider the energy consumption of devices a barometer as when purchasing any item.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Air Conditioner Market

The impact of COVID-19 is affecting all the industry across the world. The leisure industry is mainly hurt by this pandemic, such as hotel, restaurants, cinema hall, auditorium, etc., which is directly affecting the sale of commercial air conditioners, as people are staying in homes which implies the sale of domestic air conditioners can grow in the summer season of this year compensating loss from commercial air conditioner segment. Governments have also permitted the supply of non-essential items through ecommerce websites.

Air Conditioners are extremely useful due to the following properties

Manage heat produced by other Electronic Items:

Every electronic item produces heat such as oven, fridge, computer appliance, coffee maker increase room temperature; apart from that, human bodies also produce heat. To counter the heat produced, Air Conditioner comes handy in normalizing the room temperature and humidity.

Improvement in Air Quality:

Air Conditioner circulates clean and filtered air, along with maintaining the correct level of temperature and moisture in a property. Air Conditioner’s air is clean from any dirt particle from outside environment, dust, and parasites that can enter through doors and windows. This air creates a cleaner, healthier environment, not even at domestic but also in the commercial environment.

Lesser risk of Asthma Attacks:

Air Conditioner also reduces the number of airborne allergens like pollen, mold, mildew, which are responsible for an asthma attack.

Improvement in Human Efficiency:

Favorable conditions increase human efficiency with the correct temperature and humidity level. In hot and humid conditions, a person can be tired in a shorter period as well as the cold environment; the efficiency of the individual is also affected. But in the ideal environment a person can work for longer hours.

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Market Summary:

By Segments: This research report covers the market for the following segments VRF, Splits, Rooftops, AHU, Chillers, Fan Coils, and Others segment. Splits ACs have the most significant market share in the European Air Conditioner market than other segments.

By Countries: Europe AC market research report has provided the Sales volume and market for Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Ukraine, and the Rest of Europe. According to Renub Research analysis Russia is leading in Europe with most Air Conditioner Sales than other countries. On the market basis, Italy, France, and Russia have a significant market share in Europe.

By Companies: Company overview, recent development and sales analysis of Toshiba Corporation, Daikin Industries Limited, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Electrolux AB are given in this research report.

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