Hasbro’s New Block Chain Game Project Monopoly classic Shocks

January 28 14:52 2020

As an epoch-making product, Monopoly classic is a brand-new ecosystem produced by Hasbro. It is committed to building a decentralized and community-autonomous game asset platform.

In view of some existing problems in the game industry, Monopoly classic solves the existing problems of online games through the integration of blockchain and games, and through the construction of community ecosystem. In the future, Monopoly classic will not only bring good entertainment and playability to online games, but also bring a more secure, fair and independent game environment to all parties.

Hasbro, is a famous toy company in the United States. Founded by the Henry and Helal Hassenfeld brothers in Rhode Island in 1923, the name comes from the acronym Hassenfeld Brothers. In 1935, Hasbro made its fortune with Monopoly games and gradually became a world-class toy company. At present, the company has a small horse Poly, Transformers, Special Forces, Star Wars and other well-known brands.

“Monopoly” is a multiplayer online strategy chart game in the board game world online platform. Is a reference to the traditional classic board game “Monopoly” and improved. The game was designed to expose the shortcomings of laissez-faire capitalism. It is estimated that since the initial version was launched in 1904, Monopoly is the most popular graphic game in the world, with more than 500 million people.


Now Hasbro makes use of its own advantages, synthesizes the previous development experience, and vigorously launches Monopoly classic, a comprehensive game platform, to achieve a win-win situation of ecological co-construction and cooperation, and to create a thousand-fold currency with real application value. The first phase of ecological “Monopoly classic” has strongly landed in many countries in Southeast Asia.

As an independent game platform,Monopoly classic has a complete technical architecture, including Monopoly classic’s consensus algorithm and pipelined low-coupling architecture.

The first is Monopoly classic’s consensus algorithm, whose cryptocurrency technology and blockchain concept come from Satoshi Nakamoto’s “Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system”, creating a distributed ledger without intermediation. There are many consensus algorithms, including workload proof (POW), equity proof (POS) and entrustment certificate (DPOS). The main role of these mechanisms is to maintain the security and stable operation of the block chain network, and to maintain the consistency of distributed accounts. Monopoly classic’s consensus algorithm makes the role of trustees more important because they not only collect transaction information and sign blocks according to planned time points, but also provide fair proof and use random distribution of keys in the game to receive new games into the system based on applying for votes.

Similar to the level of Monopoly, Monopoly classic has different levels of capital investment, and the capital price is UDST standard, which corresponds to different static + dynamic exit multiples: the exit multiple of 500 USDT, customers is required for rural construction investment, that is, the income multiple of quitting Monopoly classic is 2.5 times; cities and towns need 1000 USDT, and cities need 3 times of 3000 USDT, Countries need 5000 USDT, for 3.2x; empires need 10000 USDT, for 3.5x.

Because the area in which the customer chooses to invest is not an individual, the customer management level is divided into different levels in order to be better at the management of customer income. After removing one of the largest districts formed by the customers, the remaining communities add up to the corresponding performance and the customers are upgraded to the corresponding management level: to reach the farmer level, 100000 USDT, citizen level is 200000 USDT, landlord level is 500000 USDT, leader level is 1 million USDT, king level is 2 million USDT, and each level averages 4 per cent of global revenue every day.


Monopoly classic is an integrator of channel resources, which aims to build a new online game ecosystem, providing ordinary entrepreneurs or players with a full set of operational support such as products, marketing, payment, capital and flow, and providing them with new entrepreneurial channels. Through Monopoly classic, the platform, project parties and members can all get their own corresponding benefits. So that everyone can participate in the operation of the game and get rich returns.

This time, the blockchain technology will be integrated into the game, and combined with Hasbro’s own market background and development concept, the development prospect of, Monopoly classic will be even broader than expected, and it will be in a leading position in the coming blockchain era.

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