RVC (Running Vault Coin) – The Next Era of Digital Assets

November 05 16:52 2019

Ever since Running Vault Coin (ticker no. RVC) has listed on IDAX on 28th October, the price of RVC has been raised over 100%. RVC has a huge view and is one of the few non-funded crypto assets. Because of its pioneering “tokens exchange” concept and it’s achieving circulation before listing, RVC has opened a strong consensus-building process and will have an unbreakable bottom layer consensus in the future. Recently, Running Vault will launch the global node plan and continue to promote the overall project expansion in depth. It is predicable that the price of RVC will be rising continuously in the following 20 days.

RVC is the world’s first token economy model l to combine traditional entity businesses with online applications, and to achieve user self-fission, self-promotion applications. The project currently has a million member-level DAO community and maintains exponential fission growth.

The project certificate is an equity digital asset with the support of real industrial-economic value. RVC makes up for the defect that value circulation cannot be realized among all projects in the digital application scenario of the global circulation industry. It has accumulated decades of physical merchant resources and business management experience in Asia. In order to realize the value circulation of users and the multi-dimensional consensus construction of online shopping mall preferential, the user consensus construction and user splitting are opened in the first dimension, and in the “exchange of ten thousand COINS” activity, the replacement of different value certificates in the second dimension is realized, and the practical value application of flexible application is endowed with entities through two layers of dimensions. After further opening the physical merchant connection, RVC will officially open the next era of digital assets.

RVC’s economic model is stricyly designed and its business model forms a closed business loop. And the flexibility of RVC is integrated with the development of the real economy. All license is generated from the contribution of real business to offline users. All consumption, replacement and other behaviors take RVC as the record certificate of rights and interests. The platform gives every common cardholder the same nodal election right, and the RVC holders who become nodes will enjoy more rights and interests of RVC and assume management obligations. In the way of transforming participants into rights holders and managers, RVC is building a future business platform that allows everyone to participate in the construction.

The offline business entity is the most widely used business model in the global economy, and the e-commerce era fostered by the Internet era has built a strong user base while also traversing the online business gap between online users and online businesses. RVC online business value of flexible displacement flow, offline business entity integrating linkage, by letting users participate in the value stack, its users from fission, really will online users into an offline business entities. In the era of the Internet value of blockchain overlay Unicom, pass certificate will be born a new platform for the value of circulation economy, project foreground is promising.

Running Vault ecological offline business has been in operation for nearly 3 years, and it has realized large-scale operation. By implementing the user value of circulation and online mall preferential multidimensional consensus building, in the first dimension open users consensus building and fission, and in “tokens exchange” activities, to realize the value of the second dimension of different access card replacement, flexible use of the actual value of the application, through two dimensions can be assigned to the entity, after further open the entity businessman Unicom, RVC will officially start time era of crypto assets

The RVC is currently making joint preparations and adjustments for the production and exporters of the largest bird’s nest glue in Indonesia and Malaysia. Currently, for the biological resources including medical resources in southeast Asia, the application of blockchain with the ecological concept of RV will gradually optimize the business model of the entire southeast Asian industry. After that, the RV ecology will continue to bring the lowest price and the highest quality to all participants of the RV ecologyplease look forward to it!

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