Adam Horner continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry

Adam Horner continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry

May 23
17:40 2023
Australian Producer Adam Horner is achieving new milestones in the Film and Television industry.

Adam Horner, a prominent British/Australian producer, and actor, is gaining massive popularity with his creative expertise and passion for the entertainment industry. With his extensive experience in film and television production, Adam Horner is poised to impact the entertainment landscape significantly. As an influential figure within the industry, Horner was also recently announced as the producer for two new TV series, “Just Hands: For the Love of Racing” and “60-day Hustle”. “Just Hands: For the Love of Racing” takes viewers on an exhilarating journey into the world of racing, while “60-day Hustle” promises to inspire and motivate as it explores the challenges and triumphs of individuals striving to transform their lives in just 60 days. Both of these series have garnered notable attention from industry insiders and fans alike. Under the guidance and supervision of Adam Horner, the projects can be expected to develop the potential to captivate audiences and make an impact on the television landscape.

Since 2010, Adam Horner has been actively involved in the global film and television industry, showcasing his talent as a successful producer. His versatility as a producer and keen eye for compelling storytelling have earned him international recognition and acclaim. Horner’s ability to captivate audiences with his business acumen has positioned him as a valuable asset in the entertainment industry. Through his expertise in production, Adam Horner aims to deliver unique and engaging narratives that will leave a lasting impact on viewers as seen in his previous series Cypher (The Roku channel, Netflix) of which Horner served as one of the Producers. 

As anticipation builds, “Just Hands: For the Love of Racing” and “60 Day Hustle” is gearing up to enter production in 2023, with Adam Horner leading the charge. With the writers strike in full force, this is an interesting time to be pushing forward with any production. Addressing the ongoing writers’ strike in Hollywood, Adam Horner said, “Luckily for us, the writers strike is not affecting our shows. I do however sincerely hope for a swift resolution to the ongoing writers’ strike, as it is crucial for the movie industry to move forward as a cohesive unit.”

As Adam and his team embark on this exciting journey, viewers can eagerly await the unveiling of these productions, ready to be immersed in the world of high-octane racing and the transformative power of the “60 Day Hustle.” 

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