2023 China International Consumer Electronics Expo and China International Software Expo Entrepreneur Forum were held in Qingdao

2023 China International Consumer Electronics Expo and China International Software Expo Entrepreneur Forum were held in Qingdao

May 19
01:40 2023

On May 17th, the 2023 China International Consumer Electronics Expo and China International Software Expo Entrepreneur Forum were held in Qingdao. The theme of this forum is “Building a highland for the development of the digital economy and creating an important growth pole in the country”. Over a hundred entrepreneurs gathered on site to discuss multiple hot topics such as leading the new pattern of high-quality digital economy development, opportunities and challenges for industrial digital and intelligent transformation.


Geng Tao, a member of the Standing Committee of the Qingdao Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor of the Qingdao Municipal Government, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group, Wang Ning, President of the China Chamber of Electronics Commerce, and Zhong Yunhua, President of the China Entrepreneur magazine, delivered opening speeches.

At the forum, Wang Yiming, Vice Chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchange, delivered a keynote speech on “Leading the New Pattern of High Quality Development of the Digital Economy”. Wang Yiming said that with the deep development of the new round of technological revolution and industrial change, the mobile and ubiquitous network interconnection, the high-speed and intelligent information processing, and the high-energy and quantum computing technology are promoting the all-round, all-factor and all-chain integration of digital technology and the real economy, which is redefining the industrial ecology and reshaping the development pattern of digital economy.

In this sense, to promote the high-quality development of the digital economy, it is necessary to grasp the new trends and characteristics of the development of the digital economy. He proposed four trends to pay attention to, and also proposed strategic priorities and paths to grasp for the high-quality development of the digital economy in the future period.

The high-quality development of enterprises in the digital economy era is also the focus of this forum. Liang Haishan, Vice Chairman and President of Haier Group, stated in the sharing that digitization is not only a part of changes and uncertainty, but also an important means to cope with them.

He believes that the future is a liquid age, and faster changes will be reflected in future products, organizations, and other carriers. Replacing products with scenarios, achieving continuous iteration of services, covering industries with ecology, and achieving continuous evolution of ecology can only adapt to the requirements of the future era.

Feng Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., said in the sharing that the digital economy is the main economic form following the agricultural economy and industrial economy. Digital transformation has become a major trend of global economic development. All major countries in the world are actively promoting the development of the digital economy by focusing on digital.

Whether it is industrial digitization or digital industrialization, what we are presented with are trillions of development opportunities that require the joint participation of government, industry, academia, research, and users to overcome difficulties, continuously improve the ecology, and strengthen and expand the digital industry.” Feng Qiang said.

Qu Jing, vice president of Baidu, delivered a speech with the theme of “big models lead the new era of intelligence”. She mentioned that people are currently facing the fourth technological revolution, namely the AI revolution represented by deep learning algorithms. ”In the future, whoever masters the big model will have a ticket to the new technology era, and whoever masters generative AI technology will have a new productivity password.”

Shao Yang, Chief Strategic Officer of Huawei Terminal BG and President of the Whole House Intelligent Product Line, believes that economic growth must come from significant changes in trends and industries. He combined Huawei’s exploration of the whole house intelligent business on-site and talked about the huge changes that will be brought about in the space industry in the future.

Guo Jintong, Vice President of UFIDA Group and Director of the Information and Digitalization Special Committee of China Association for Public Companies, shared the topic of “Embracing the AI Era and Accelerating Digital Intelligence Innovation”. Guo Jintong stated in the sharing that generative AI represented by ChatGPT has been overwhelming this year, which is a global trend. From an application perspective, it marks the arrival of the era of AI popularization. And how to embrace AI? There are two things to focus on: Value software and models.

This forum also set up two high-end dialogues on “smart home appliances” and “software and information technology”. 11 entrepreneurs, based on their respective transformation experiences, conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as standardization innovation and digital new momentum. 

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