Get the Scoop on Voghion App: A Popular Shopping Platform Europe Consumers Need to Know About

Get the Scoop on Voghion App: A Popular Shopping Platform Europe Consumers Need to Know About

May 18
22:24 2023

According to recent reports, the e-commerce industry in Europe is on a steady rise, with online shopping becoming more prevalent than ever before. To cater this increasing demand, online shopping platforms that offer affordable and trendy products have grown fast.

Voghion, the London-based online shopping app, has taken Europe by storm since its launch in January 2022. With its unbeatable prices across over 200 categories, Voghion has become one of the top ten free apps on both the App Store and Google Play in Europe, and attracted 10,000,000 users to download in just a few months. Some good quality products are cheaper than 10€, from home decor to clothes.

Given the remarkably low prices, it’s understandable why people are curious about Voghion’s credibility and safety. Don’t worry, below is a research on Voghion and it will give consumers the answer whether Voghion is legit.

What does Voghion Mean?

Voghion is not a typical online shopping platform. The name itself is a combination of “Vogue” and “Fashion”, reflecting the company’s aim to provide affordable fashion to everyone.

Why is Voghion so affordable?

The truth is, Voghion is able to offer such affordable prices because it collaborates directly with the same manufacturers with luxury brands, shortening distribution process and reducing the cost during circulation. To attract more customers on Voghion, more and more merchants are entering the platform and competing with others for orders. That helps Voghion keep prices as low as possible from the origin of their manufaturers.

How long does Voghion take to deliver?

Voghion takes around 7-15 business days to deliver items to customers in Europe. However, if consumers bought the items in the local warehouse, they can even deliver the items within 3-4 business days.

Yes, Voghion is a legit online shopping platform.

If someone is wondering whether Voghion is the real deal, the answer is a resounding “yes”. Consumers can look through the reviews on their app, and there are many useful reviews. They are also supported by a credible corporation and offer a range of reliable and secure payment methods on their app, including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. 

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