Companies such as Schneider Electric have pushed digital innovation to the forefront of their business solutions

Companies such as Schneider Electric have pushed digital innovation to the forefront of their business solutions

March 17
18:45 2023

According to the World Research Institute, global temperatures have risen by 1.1ºC. The impacts of climate change also include flooding and drought, displacing millions of people, sinking them into poverty and hunger, denying them access to essential health and education services, expanding inequalities, stifling economic growth, and even causing conflict. In 2022, extreme weather events in India cumulatively claimed 3,026 human lives and affected at least 1.96 million hectares (ha) of crop area. The year was also recorded as the fifth warmest the country has faced, according to the India Meteorological Department.

Electricity 4.0 will digitalize the energy ecosystem Electricity 4.0 will digitalize the energy ecosystem. The IPCC report 2022 warned that the global temperature is set to reach the 1.5ºC level within the next two decades and said that only the most drastic cuts in carbon emissions from now on would help prevent an environmental disaster. As the world economy adopts digital technologies, Schneider Electric’s sustainability research indicates carbon emissions will gradually decline. In fact, without additional policies, adopting new technology and shifting consumer habits will result in a 30% reduction in worldwide CO2 emissions by 2050.

Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its devastating impacts is at the top of the agenda for a better future. To achieve this, it is crucial to drive change across the entire ecosystem. Businesses and individuals can enact these positive changes through the decisions they make every day, such as how they interact with digitalization and technology in order to reduce energy and emissions. Innovative technologies are becoming more and more available to help us work towards sustainable journey.

Harnessing digital innovation for businesses and individuals. Innovation has the power to change the course we as a society are on. New ideas, innovative technologies, and new and better ways of thinking will lead us toward a more sustainable future. The world is becoming increasingly digitalized, and with electric transportation, heating, and energy consumption rising, we have entered a new age of electricity: Electricity 4.0. Electricity 4.0 will digitalize the energy ecosystem from end to end, enabling us to scale renewables and reduce the 68% of energy currently lost or wasted through inefficiencies. This new concept is innovative in itself, but the innovation of the technologies harnessing Electricity 4.0 is genuinely helping to provide a sustainable way forward.

Companies such as Schneider Electric have pushed digital innovation to the forefront of their business solutions. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxureTM is an IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, and interoperable architecture and platform. It connects businesses from the ground floor to the top floor, and critical data from cloud-linked sensors can be analyzed and actioned in real time. These active energy efficiency solutions – which optimize the entire energy cycle using control products, systems, services, and software – can help mitigate, adapt, and improve resilience to climate change. Schneider Electric is empowering everyone to make the most of energy and resources and build their own bridges to sustainability.

In addition to boosting efficiency, businesses should look for solutions that ease the transition towards more electric, digital, decarbonized, and decentralized energy. “Schneider Electric believes integrating the more electric and digital world is key to addressing the global climate crisis and enabling a sustainable and resilient future.” shared Denis Marant, Senior Vice President, Home, and Distribution Division – International Hub, Schneider Electric.

For households, technologies, like Wiser Energy™ home power monitor, make energy saving much easier. Analysis of power data captured from every household appliance a million times each second, enables residents to instantly visualize their home’s energy usage, to make impactful decisions.

Embracing Electricity 4.0Digital innovation has enormous potential to eliminate energy waste. Disrupting how we manage energy and design buildings, industries, and mobility will get us closer to a net-zero carbon world. In the last 200 years, four technology-driven revolutions have transformed the industrial ecosystem. The traditional, centuries-old electricity system is making way for an entirely new paradigm. This transformation’s scale, scope, and complexity are unlike anything in history. It is nothing less than the convergence of digital and electric universes. This is the New Electric World. This is Electricity 4.0.

Electricity 4.0 drives a fundamental shift in how we measure, use, save and distribute energy. When electricity meets digital, it becomes controlled, visible, connected, and smarter – delivering more and wasting less. Businesses and individuals can help build a more sustainable world by investing in digitizing processes, embracing new technology, and having a firm understanding of the ways in which our actions can bring about change.

“Schneider Electric is applying agile, digital innovation to address climate change more quickly. Electricity 4.0 will shape a zero-carbon future even faster. We cannot do it alone. But with more than 500,000 partners, employing over 30 million professionals, our network represents the largest community with the expertise and skills to electrify and digitize the world,” said Marant.

With the help of software and digital innovation, we can empower sustainable change through data, electrification, and digitization, moving into the era of ‘Electricity 4.0’, in which businesses and individuals can begin to transform their ways of working and living, cut emissions and be a part of creating a more sustainable future for all.

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