Gallery NAT interviews Junzhong Zhao, the award-winning artist of the exhibition in London, UK

Gallery NAT interviews Junzhong Zhao, the award-winning artist of the exhibition in London, UK

December 28
17:00 2022

In December 2022, the UK Gallery NAT and Gallery 46 will jointly hold an international exhibition + grand prix “Spiel allein – London Contemporary Art Exhibition”. Among them, the work of artist Junzhong Zhao was selected as the best painting award of the whole exhibition and exhibited at Gallery 46 in London. Artist Junzhong Zhao, as the winner of the painting award in this exhibition, Gallery NAT also conducted an art interview with the artist himself.

Junzhong Zhao’s work title _Hidden 43_, size 60×30cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021

The exhibition curator of Gallery NAT learned about it while interviewing the artist. When an artist enters the professional field of painting creation, he enters into the work inside the painting, and works patiently inside the painting. Painting is a test of an artist’s sensibility, which is to see if he can find his unique working method and perceptual logic, and enter into painting The interior of the painting opens up the rhythmic space inside the painting, forming a tension between heaviness and lightness, thus constructing its own painting language.

Junzhong Zhao’s work title “Dome 20” Size 50×50cm Metal Surface Acrylic 2022

Artist Junzhong Zhao believes that contemporary painting has become a work ethic. Different from daily random photo taking or conceptual artistic behavior, the persistent work of painting on the plane has become a symbol to measure the autonomy of painting art, which actually makes painting return to itself The dignity of existence, and once it is closely related to the self-creation of individual daily writing, it has the perceptual shaping and emerging vitality of individual life forms.

Junzhong Zhao’s work title “Dome 17” Size 50×50cm Metal Surface Acrylic 2022

The curator of the exhibition at Gallery NAT observed that Junzhong Zhao’s creations start from line symbols, with countless repetitions seemingly aimless, with a certain characteristic of maximalism, which is to find subtle differences through countless repetitions, However, unlike the mechanical single repetition of maximalism, Junzhong Zhao’s repetitive movements carry more intense emotions, and have the requirements of abstract painting for structure. Even contemporary paintings need to have their own paradoxical perception of deconstruction while constructing. Therefore, many line symbols on the screen seem to be smooth and similar, but due to repeated superimposition, especially the intensity of the color, in the overlapping overlapping, it is irregular, although it seems to be intertwined into a dense network, there are multiple interruptions , with the troubles and even anger of the artist when working, but they have been calmed down and adjusted through repeated work. This is the ethics of painting when it enters the inner work. Zhao Junzhong regards the line symbol as the time record of daily writing, For the imprint of each moment.

Zhao Junzhong “Change 28” 30×30cm acrylic on canvas 2021

The images of Junzhong Zhao’s works in recent years show a sense of piled up lines, because the different colors lead to subtle sharp tingling sensations, and even jagged light bands, implying an unknown force that wants to penetrate the dense net; Or it may seem to be intertwined into an impenetrable net, but the inside of the picture actually has a hollow airy feeling, which looks like a maze, and there are cries of struggling souls; countless repetitions form a huge vortex, surging inside, to Break through the shackles of the snare. Also, the picture seems to be flat, because the artist uses a circle as the frame, which brings about the rotation of cosmic energy, and some lightning-like light bands will be formed in the middle of the picture, as if the light of enlightenment is guiding the free gaze.

Junzhong Zhao “Change 29” 30×30cm acrylic on canvas 2021

Therefore, abstract painting is not the repetition of some simple formal elements, nor is it the rational composition of some geometric shapes, nor is it the trace of the expression of occasional emotions. and the more seek occasional poetry and sharp pain; the more fine and complex the lines are, the more form a hazy whole; Halo, the green and pink on the screen are beautiful and charming. In these tensions of construction and deconstruction, people feel the maturity and abundance of an artist’s perception. This is the form style of self-creation of life. In terms of tension, let the picture generate itself, this is the inner reality of painting.

Junzhong Zhao “12-14/12/2022” 57×76cm works on paper 2022

Contemporary painting is to enter the paradox of perception and the tension of creation. Once entering the paradox perception inside the painting, Junzhong Zhao’s net space is different from monochrome painting, different from the single repetition of abstraction, but a seemingly In the repetition of a single line symbol, there is also a poetic atmosphere of the overall atmosphere. The more enter the mesh, the more return to the overall pure atmosphere. This is a very strange combination, because even though Junzhong gave up his previous paintings Language, but the ability to create a hazy poetic atmosphere, to create a kind of poetic poetry in painting, which has not disappeared from one’s own life perception, but still lingers there as a hidden background, as an atmosphere, The more enter into the repetition of line symbols, the more the dense atmosphere will be seen. It is this kind of tension that makes Zhao Junzhong’s abstract paintings different.

In addition to form and tone, painting also needs to open the plane itself. An excellent artist must have his own way of presenting the plane itself, and it comes from the logic of the basic elements of painting. Junzhong Zhao’s paintings are between the fine mesh and the overall atmosphere. Between the planarity of the plane and the illusion of depth, between the plane itself and its protrusions, the painter created multiple illusions, giving the plane painting a certain sense of three-dimensional physicality and creating a multi-dimensional plane illusion. Sense of sight and contrast.

Junzhong Zhao “12-16/11/2022” 57×76cm works on paper 2022

The characteristics of Junzhong Zhao’s abstract series of paintings are obvious, which is the multi-dimensional opening of the painting plane: open the internal plane of the painting, but in the interweaving and overlapping, form a void; the seemingly abstract rationality and the flatness of the plane, but the overall The atmosphere is full of poetic atmosphere; the intertwined network of the picture seems to weave a layer of material feeling on the plane, but the irregular lines break the rules, with both changing rhythms and rhythmic changes; and The raised dome feeling strengthens the materiality of the painting again, forming a raised dome on the plane, turning the painting towards the materiality of objects, but it is not a painting device, and gives its own generation method to the touch of the plane itself.

The curators of Gallery NAT have a deep understanding of the artistic creation world of artist Junzhong Zhao, and then spread the artist’s artistic spirit to more art lovers and professionals.

Junzhong Zhao’s work title _Hidden 45_, size 60×30cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021

At the same time, let me introduce the artist’s personal art resume, and Gallery NAT will spread more outstanding contemporary artists.

Zhao Junzhong’s artistic resume

Zhao Junzhong, a professional artist, was born in Qingzhou, Shandong in 1972;In 2010, he studied in the graduate class of the Basic Department of the School of Plastic Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing;In 2011, studied in the training class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing;

International Art Association: Member of the American University Art Association, member of the American Oil Painting Society, member of the National Oil Painting and Acrylic Art Association, member of the Royal Society of Art, and member of the European Research Council.

International awards in recent years

In 2022, the “First Abstract Art Exhibition” International Art Grand Prix won the Painting Award Artist Space Gallery;

In 2022, “Dystopia Plan A – Paris Exhibition” won the Gold Award of the exhibition, Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France;

In 2022, the “First “Green” International Art Competition” won the Outstanding Art Award Art Room Gallery;

In 2022, “Spiel allein – London Contemporary Art Exhibition” won the best painting award in the exhibition, Gallery 46, London, UK;

2022 Bronze Medal at the 5th Annual All Abstracts 2022 International Juried Art Exhibition Camelback Gallery, Arizona, USA;

In 2022, “The Voice of Awakening – Paris Contemporary Art Review Exhibition” won the Best Painting Award, Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France;

International journals published in recent years:

In 2022, the paper “Art Popularization and Art Independence in the Process of Commercialization” will be published by Hill Publishing Group in the American Educational Review 2022, 6(8), 320-450;

In 2022, the paper “Research on Art Symbolization and Art Self-discipline” will be published in the Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, 2022, 6 ( 3 ), 448-453 by the Hill Publishing Group of the United States;

In 2022, the paper “Research on the Aesthetic Construction of Contemporary Art” was published in the journal “Frontiers of Art Research” (2022) Vol. 4, No. 11 by Francis Academic Publishing House, UK;t Exhibition Shanghai Xinhua Center

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