Maxpeedingrods, one of the top sellers in eBay’s auto parts & accessories category, has recently launched their new product EV Charger.

Maxpeedingrods, one of the top sellers in eBay’s auto parts & accessories category, has recently launched their new product EV Charger.

December 22
01:08 2022

Maxpeedingrods was awarded the top auto parts and accessories seller on eBay for several years. Recently, this brand released newly developed EV Chargers, bringing more options and convenience to electric vehicle owners. With the popularity of car tuning in recent years, an increasing number of people are involved in it, they are keen on pursuing a more handling driving experience and also immersed in the fun of DIY. Maxpeedingrods is a popular brand in the car tuning field and is committed to supplying more satisfactory products and services to consumers. To effectively meet the needs of this group, Maxpeedingrods refines quality, optimizes service and provides both useful and affordable car parts. “A lot nicer than the OEM parts,” “I’ve been using your parts around 6 years now,” “the ride is nice and for a good price,” etc. Reviews like these are exploding nowadays.

Maxpeedingrods was born in 2006. “Focus on performance” to some, this might be a simple sentence, but it was the start and forever goal for Maxpeedingrods. Their vision is to create a company to help more people enjoy modding and tuning their cars. Unlike some traditional auto parts brands, Maxpeedingrods wants to make changes to bring car tuning enthusiasts closer to their dreams and make tuning cars less of an expensive sport. Today, Maxpeedingrods has more than 4 million users worldwide. Over the years, this brand insists on sponsoring famous racing drivers and providing them with quality auto parts to help them win the championship. Coilovers, turbos and connecting rods are their hot products.

It is worth mentioning that the coilovers of Maxpeedingrods feature outstanding adjustability and handleability. Their COT6 version coilovers have been popular in the market for the past year. Now the new COT7 upgraded version coilovers are receiving positive feedback from both experienced modifiers and racers. “We are planning to develop a more advanced version of coilovers for track and race use next year,” says a staff of Maxpeedingrods R&D team.

Maxpeedingrods expects to bring consumers better quality products and increase their confidence in vehicle performance. There are two stories about DIYer friends who are keen on drifting with their custom BMW cars.

Alex Agüera “My E36K24 is the best car I ever drive, fast, trustworthy, and built by myself.” Born in Spain, Alex is very into BMW cars.

Alex modifies the car himself for fast, fun, and safe. It’s the best part of the build when finally he races it, he knows how the car was done it.

“The reason to choose Maxpeedingrods at first was the unbeatable price, but now after 2 years of use, performance is more than enough,” Alex added power to the E36K24 with a GT30 turbo from Maxpeedingrods. It’s easy for Alex to install the turbo without making any changes to fit the engine.

Alex shares his wonderful experience of Maxpeedingrods adjustable coilovers. “I recommend these to anyone looking for adjustability, whether someone looking to slam the car or someone who just wants to lower it a tiny bit. These could be set at the stock ride height and dialed in so that the dampening feels the same as the original equipment.”

The most important thing Alex learned when he was modifying the car is that, if the part you install will work in the designed conditions, all will go fine.

Thad Peterson likes to try stuff just for the fun of trying it and also likes to build stuff just as much as he likes to enjoy the end product of the build.

Thad Peterson built his BMW E36 328i. The project features a stripped 1993 BMW 325i with an exo-cage, a twin-turbo 5.3 L LS truck engine, and a TH400 swapped in. Thad has enjoyed using Maxpeedingrods adjustable coilovers and at least 4 of their GT35 turbos on his builds. He tried installing 24-way adjustable coilovers from Maxpeedingrods on an old Slushbox E36 Sedan, then he added power to the car by using their GT35 turbochargers.

These suspension kits obviously impressed Thad. “They are reliable and durable, with an adjustment range from 1-3 inches, allowing for adding a more aggressive stance and reducing shaking motion to a certain extent.”

“Ok, that is really all for now! I have to go to get the car ready and loaded up for drifting tomorrow.” Thad intends to continue making his red car a bit more crazy still and probably doing many events with it next year, drifting and some drag racing. He may continue with it, or he may build a different car.

Alex Agüera and Thad Peterson share their passion and aspirations for tuning and racing. Maxpeedingrods is proud to help more people enjoy tuning their cars. A more satisfying experience at a more affordable price is what Maxpeedingrods has been trying to do and will continue to strive for.

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