Meet Airika Chakraborty, Little Miss Los Angeles US Nation 2022

Meet Airika Chakraborty, Little Miss Los Angeles US Nation 2022

December 20
22:48 2022
Airika Chakraborty is an aspiring Indian American model. Despite her young age, this beautiful and unique girl has already achieved success and recognition in the fashion industry.

Airika began her journey with Miss US Nation Pageants, when she was selected to represent Little Miss Los Angeles US Nation 2022; earlier in the year. Airika was then selected to compete at the state level for California; which opened up a lot of new opportunities for this young model- including winning the state crown of Little Miss California US Nation 2022 in August 2022.

Airika has been dreaming to be a model since her early childhood because for her it is the most enjoyable way to fame. However, Airika chose to become a beauty queen not only for being a public figure and gaining popularity. Her title with Miss US Nation Pageants has helped her & other young models to achieve their main goal – to be both models and role models for the community to follow.

In the future, Airika aspires to become a marine-biologist and veterinarian, which would help her to fight against the companies that release toxic and deadly material into the sea. This brave and responsible girl dreams of making her contribution to the well-being of the world around her, saving the sea animals. Airika’s platform as a titleholder with the Miss US Nation Pageants is to make others aware on how to protect the environment and take care of endangered animals.

Living in the USA, Airika is very proud of her roots and her culture. She fluently speaks Bengali, a language not commonly spoken in the United States.

Airika has a lot of different talents and interests in many areas. She is talented at Art, Music (vocal and piano), and Sports. As she loves to sing, Airika is inspired by the creativity and musical talent of Jason Derulo. She even has a Junior Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Airika has the intention to continue her career with Miss US Nation Pageants internationally and is qualified to compete for Little Miss Nation Universe 2023.

Instagram: Airika Chakraborty @airikach

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