ReKonnect Rides – The Best and Safest Way To Get Around and Make Money

ReKonnect Rides – The Best and Safest Way To Get Around and Make Money

December 19
22:30 2022

ReKonnect, the social-networking app, has announced the launch of its newest feature: ReKonnect Rides, in which users can plan, organize and manage transportation.

This new feature allows users to host paid rides and earn 100% of what they make. In addition, users can explore rides nearby and make new Konnections with people in their community. With this new innovation, ReKonnect continues its mission of facilitating users with several customizable features.

Make the road trips easy with ReKonnect Rides.

ReKonnect eliminates the struggle of organizing the commute on even the busiest of days. Through the intuitive and user-friendly platform, one can create or join free or paid ride shares with friends, coworkers, or even strangers – so as to never be stuck waiting for a ride again. ReKonnect also puts an end to sky-high taxi bills and helps users save money on trips they need to take now and in the future. Moreover, ReKonnect connects users with other members of their community, making the sharing experience more enjoyable.

ReKonnect takes ridesharing to a whole new level.

The ReKonnect Rides feature is designed for simplicity and ease of use – making it easy to find and join rides nearby in the community. Plus, the rides can be customized for the journey in order to guarantee the best possible experience. The users can make money through the 100% profit-sharing model while being able to send invites to carpool with friends and families.

This innovative rideshare program allows users to instantly plan, organize and manage their own transportation – but the advantages don’t stop there. By joining ride-share programs on ReKonnect, the user will also be doing his part to protect the environment – share rides and save the environment! All transactions performed on the app generate 100% profit for users, as ReKonnect charges no fees or commissions.

ReKonnect Ride simplifies the process of managing the transportation needs, offering an intuitive way to stay on top of upcoming rides, current bookings, and past journeys. With ReKonnect, there is no need to worry about transportation ever again.

ReKonnect Ride feature has been introduced to make transportation more accessible and affordable for everyone. With car ownership becoming increasingly expensive, many people find themselves relying on public transport or taking taxis to get around – both of which can be inefficient and expensive. ReKonnect Rides helps users save money by providing an easy and reliable way to join or organize a ride, and make money for their efforts. It also helps reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions, making a positive contribution to the environment.

With ReKonnect Rides, one can save money and reduce the carbon footprint while also making new friends.

Take charge of the daily commute: Get connected with ReKonnect!

It is available for download in iOS and Android.

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