Fintoch Financial Hosts the Fintoch Public Chain Bangkok Launch Event 2022

Fintoch Financial Hosts the Fintoch Public Chain Bangkok Launch Event 2022

December 14
23:00 2022

Even with the spate of controversial events in the crypto market, the enthusiasm of blockchain technology enthusiasts remains undiminished, especially in the Asia-Pacific countries where by many cryptocurrency users are very concerned about the future direction of the market. With this, Fintcoh, an emerging DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform from North America, has been on roadshows in key cities in the Asia Pacific region since November of this year. The Fintoch team recently traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to hold a public chain launch event, not only to connect more closely with the local community and traditional culture, but also to promote the brand’s financial public chain development plans.

Fintoch is a DeFi platform that offers a wide range of financial services such as lending and borrowing. One of the platform’s more widely known features is that users can leverage more money with less amount of deposit or margin to invest on Fintoch’s trusted DEX (Decentralized Exchange Platform) or cross-chain bridge. Furthermore, Fintoch’s exclusive technology, “HyBriid” also provides a secure and convenient mechanism for protecting crypto assets, allowing users to participate in financial activities on the platform with peace of mind.

At the Bangkok Public Chain Launch Event itself, the Fintoch team brought the branding news that the number of users on the Fintoch platform is growing rapidly and is expected to exceed 10 million users by year 2023 and the team is extraordinarily confident about the financial public chain that under development. It is to understand that Fintoch’s financial public chain is very close to completion and will be tested internally at the end of this December, with priority open to community users for experience. In addition, the event also invited the famous local Thai performance groups to showcase the traditional dance performances, which adding a strong cultural flavor to the technology event.

William, President of Global COO of Fintoch, pointed out that the public chain will natively support basic functions such as cross-chain and payment, users will be able to experience decentralized, secure and convenient financial services. Finally, the brand also revealed that Fintoch’s next roadshow will be in Indonesia, with a launch event expected to take place in Bali from 11th to 13th of January next year.

The industry insiders reveal that the Fintoch team is actively communicating with Wall Street financial giants to connect traditional capital and provide it to all individuals or businesses around the world who need funds. Fintoch’s public chain services are widely expected to lower the threshold for financial activities and allow users who are less privileged in the traditional financial system to meet their capital needs safely and conveniently. It is expected to drive innovation and progress in the third world, thus creating the possibility of “overtaking”.

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