Sino-Finish Design Park contributing to build Shenzhen as innovative and creative design city

Sino-Finish Design Park contributing to build Shenzhen as innovative and creative design city

December 14
22:20 2022

Recently, the Chinese City Creativity Index 2022 (CCCI 2022) was unveiled, and Shenzhen firmly ranked in the first echelon. The spirit of innovation has become the soul of Shenzhen’s culture, and innovation has become the catalyst for the development of Shenzhen’s cultural industry. It is based on this city gene that as an international industrial cluster being established in Shenzhen, taking the industrial design as its core and relying on the creative design resources of two international “design cities”, the Sino-Finish Design Park (SFDP) becomes an attractive business card after 8 years of development for Shenzhen to build an international innovation-leading city. In 2022, the SFDP wins a series of awards including the Third Prize for Excellent Sub-venue of the 17th Chin a (Shenzhen) Intemational Culture Industries Fair and the Shenzhen Excellent Cultural Industrial Park Award in 2022

Advantages of design resources help activate exchanges between Shenzhen’s creative industries

“Shenzhen Design” is gradually becoming a new city brand and growth pole. In 2022, the SFDP carried out more than 10 online and offline innovative and creative activities, attracting nearly 100,000 people. All these activities were focused on new mode and new ecology in the field of global design innovation and aimed to build by design an international ecological chain of innovation and entrepreneurship.

2022 SFDP [Cross-Straits focus • Gather energy and increase efficiency] Cross-Strait Young Maker Forum

Including the SFDP 1Hour Meetup—The Blind Book box Adventures of World Book and Copyright Day, the online 2022 Design perspectives×Golden pin salon and the Taiwan college students to Shenzhen Internship in 2022. During November 21 to 23, 2022, the SFDP 2022 [Cross-Strait Focus • Gather energy and increase efficiency] Cross-Strait Youth Exchange Activities, the Cross-Strait Young Maker Forum, the “Creative Change” Technology Innovation Design Exhibition and the Awakening Vitality of Entrepreneurship and Innovation: International Innovation Open Day and other online and offline activities were held.

Exhibitions show design masterpieces and new ecology of design

As a public service platform, by gathering high-quality innovative design enterprises from the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the SFDP SHOW ROOM planned in 2022 a number of design-driven innovation and creativity exhibitions to share industrial trends and innovative design concepts and show the new ecology of design.

On March 19, 2018, Former Ambassador of Finland to China Jarno Syrjala Visiting SFDP SHOW ROOM

Design- and Science-themed Modern language to explain elegant tradition Cultural & Creative Exhibition in SFDP SHOW ROOM

Among them, on the Design- and Culture-themed Modern language to explain elegant tradition Cultural & Creative Exhibition, design works with classical charm such as the stamp design of chenshaohua 1995-2015, the yin brooch and the duckweed tea table showed in a great style the practicality of modern functionalism and the simplicity of traditional culture. The Design- and Science-themed “Creative Change” Technology Innovation Design Exhibition gave an insight into the current new consumer trends, cooperated with a number of Taiwan businessmen and enterprises and integrated the innovative technology products invented by Taiwan youth in Shenzhen and emerged in the field of design innovation in recent years, exhibiting many scientific and technological innovations such as the COMPUS METAVERSE VR, the world’s first array aluminum-nitride-chip ultrasonic MEMS transducer and the Karaoke intelligent home KTV sound and providing an open platform for cross-straits deep links and friendly exchanges in the field of science and innovation. In addition, the SFDP SHOW ROOM also held Design Goodies Permanent Exhibitions to share good designs by graphic posters and online and offline videos.

Design- and Science-themed “Creative Change” Technology Innovation Design Exhibition in SFDP SHOW ROOM

Yang Li, associate director of Taiwan Affairs Offce of Shenzhen Municipal People´s Govermment, and Lu Zhengqun, executive vice president of Shenzhen Taiwan Business Association, visiting for investigation on the “Creative Change” Technology Innovation Design Exhibition

Shenzhen’s creative design is drawing the “linking” ability of resources from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to continuously strengthen its growth. As an innovation plateau for cluster development of Shenzhen’s industrial design, the SFDP will continue to develop the public service platform, take innovation as the engine and design as the driving force, and contribute to the city brand image of Shenzhen as “Design City”.

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