The digital platform SeaCoast is born, pioneer in digital innovation in the coastal nautical sector

May 17 11:08 2022
SeaCoast, the digital platform for content management and services related to the coastal nautical sector, was born with the need to democratize and update the sector. Its objective is to organize digital content and information that did not exist until now for users, based on an experience of more than three years creating specialized digital products in the field of navigation. The platform is presented as an answer and solution to the stagnation and delay of digital innovation in the sector.

Madrid – May 16, 2022 – SeaCoast is born, a digital platform that democratizes the management of content and services related to the world of the coast and the sea, thus offering the digitization and updating of the sector, with the aim of organizing the information and digital content so far lacking for users. The coastal nautical sector offers a great potential for progress, despite its stagnation and delay in digital innovation, from this vision SeaCoast is born.

SeaCoast’s mission is to digitize the creation, exchange and commercialization of content, tools and resources about the coastal and marine world, incentivizing user participation through rewards and advantages associated with the use of COAST tokens, inside and outside the SeaCoast ecosystem. $COAST is a utility token native to the SeaCoast platform that serves as a medium of exchange for the different components of the ecosystem. It has different uses that will benefit the creation of up-to-date, accurate and easily accessible content in the same space, the management of bookings between businesses and consumers, the creation of itineraries thanks to the MMSI identifier of AIS-equipped vessels, the rental of vehicles and the dynamic management of berths, among others.

The SeaCoast platform provides users with tools that democratize the management and exchange of information, based on the market dynamics of blockchain systems. 

The digitization of the nautical sector offers solutions to often problematic and still unresolved processes, such as port entry, full shore survey and service provision, among others. The three projects that initially comprise SeaCoast will achieve this digitization: ShoreView, a visual assistant that facilitates coastal navigation through augmented reality technology. PaperBoat, a platform integrated with Pandora Global – the leading management system for marinas and yacht clubs – that allows users to reserve moorings from anywhere in the world and in real time. And finally, PortView, a project led by a team specialized in GIS (Geographic Information System), partially funded thanks to the “Ports 4.0” program, owned by Puertos del Estado. The largest open innovation program for the coastal nautical sector in Spain and one of the global benchmarks. PortView has been selected by the government of Spain, among more than four hundred projects, through a competitive process refereed together with KPMG. It solves the unresolved worldwide problem of mooring guidance where more than 70% of accidents occur between recreational boats entering and leaving the port.

About SeaCoast

SeaCoast is a digital platform that aims to democratize the management of content and services related to the world of the coast and the sea, so that any user can have resources and tools to help them fully enjoy their leisure, generating their own economy and through augmented reality technologies. The platform integrates the products already available -ShoreView, focused on navigation through augmented reality; PortView, which allows the docking of boats with augmented reality; and PaperBoat, which digitizes the management of the mooring of boats-, and expands the digital experience by adding a space for the exchange of information between users that will operate under the incentive of COAST tokens.

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