El Esposo de mi Hermana: An Ode to Blood Bonds

November 09 22:08 2021
Writer Virginia A. Sandoval’s first book is now available on Amazon.com to captivate audiences with a story full of moments of drama, intrigue, uncertainty, pain, love, fatalities, and a bit of humor.

El Paso, Texas, USA – November 8, 2021 – The connection between twin brothers has been widely discussed in the realms of science and superstition. Twins are fertilized from the same egg, so they share gender, similar physical characteristics, and DNA. From this, some twins have felt that there is a connection between them that can be described as supernatural or that has no scientific explanation.

These unjustifiable and deep feelings between twins become the common thread used by the new writer Virginia A. Sandoval for the main plot of her work “El esposo de mi hermana: Lazos de sangre”. This novel tells the story of the meeting and disagreement of two twins who grew up separated and without knowing each other, but who were surprised by sudden and unjustifiable feelings throughout their lives. The separation of these sisters at birth and the history of their mothers also plays a leading role in the plot due to the dissimilar life circumstances faced by both women.

In 116 pages, “El esposo de mi hermana: Lazos de sangre” manages to captivate the bilingual reader (Spanish-English) with a story full of moments of drama, intrigue, uncertainty, pain, love, fatalities and a bit of humor, but, above all, with the humanitarian values that give strength to blood ties. This first literary work by Virginia A. Sandoval was published in March 2019 by the publisher Balboa Press and is now available on Amazon.com in a Kindle version for only US$ 3.33 and in paperback for US$ 10.78, which makes it a work accessible to all readers avid for new and intriguing stories.

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