BOC Sciences: Building a Better Liposome-based Drug Delivery Platform

February 19 12:01 2021
Researchers at BOC Sciences have established a more complete liposome formulation development platform.

New York, USA – February 19, 2021 – Researchers at BOC Sciences in New York, USA have established a more complete liposome formulation development platform, which can provide comprehensive technical support for the effective construction of liposome carriers for the delivery of multiple drugs in the body.

About Liposomes

Liposomes are small containers whose shell is made of lipids, which are the same materials that construct cell membranes. In recent years, liposomes have been used for targeted drug delivery. In this process, the membrane of drug-containing liposomes is engineered to contain proteins that can recognize and interact with complementary proteins on the diseased or dysfunctional cell membrane. After drug-containing liposomes are administered, they will spread in the body and ideally connect with targeted cells to release the drug.

This packaging technology can usually be used with highly toxic nano-drugs (such as chemotherapy drugs) to prevent free drugs from destroying non-cancer cells. At the same time, liposome-based drug delivery platform has become the main method for the delivery of nucleic acid drugs in vivo to extend the half-life of nucleic acid drugs in vivo and improve the targeting efficiency.

About BOC Sciences Liposome Formulation Development Platform

BOC Sciences has mastered the key technologies for the synthesis of different types of liposomes and can provide services for the formulation development of various active pharmaceutical ingredients (such as oligonucleotides, small molecules, proteins, and vaccine antigens). BOC Sciences Liposome Platform has launched a variety of CRO services in response to the different needs of customers.

• Conventional Liposomes Formulation Development
Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) Formulation Development
• pH-Sensitive Liposomes Formulation Development
• Thermally Sensitive Liposomes (TSLs) Formulation Development
• Magnetic Liposomes Formulation Development
PEGylated Liposomes Formulation Development

About BOC Sciences

By providing researchers with a wide range of biochemical products and technical services, including liposome formulation development, encapsulation, characterization, and liposome customization services, as well as various liposome products (including cationic liposomes, anionic liposomes, fluorescent Labeling liposomes, etc.), BOC Sciences is closely related to drug development, chemistry, and life sciences.

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