Magic weapon of Koreans for removing scars – Korean MAVM Silicones Gel Scar Removal Cream

January 22 19:01 2021

As people know, the South Korea is famous for aesthetic medicine. Why are the scars not obvious and recovered so good after double eyelid surgery around Koreans? This depends on their caution in postoperative care and the rational use of scar removal cream. Let’s get to know the professional aesthetic medicine care of Koreans by MAVM — Korean Scar Removal Cream!

South Korea’s aesthetic medicine is advanced relatively, and those mature medical aesthetic doctors have complete medical post-care experience in their career. The Korean aesthetic medical doctor pointed out that the scab will fall off one week after the stitches are removed, scar removal cream must be used at that time to prevent scar-emerge. The prime time for scar-removing is within 1-2 months of scar formation, there will be the best effect for removing scars during this period. For most of the Koreans, in the period of scar formation, they prefer to chose the scar removal cream that manufacture by Korea Pharmaceutical, which is the MAVM Scar Removal Cream. 

The people who care about the scar removal products knows: “silicone = scar buster”. And the silicones using within the MAVM Scar Removal Cream is the non-ordinary silicones,which is the top-grade with ultra-high purity silicones produced by Dow Corning (Dow Corning is a global leader in the field of global silicones production with high technology and innovation in nowadays). The price of the top-grade silicones is doubled that of the ordinary silicones, and the effect is tripled in purity compared with the ordinary which can inhibit the formation of scars effectively. It is more necessary to use MAVM Scar Removal Cream when the wound is deep enough to reach the dermis. After applying it, the wound-heal will be more faster since inhibiting the proliferation of collagen and it is not easy to produce keloids on the surface of wound.

The MAVM brand has a full range of scar removal products such as scar remove gel, scar remove cream, and scar repair liquid. There are targeted products for the treatment of various scars caused by ordinary surgery, cosmetic surgery, trauma, burns, and acne. MAVM has only studied scars in the huge skin-care field that is different from other skin-care brands. Therefore, in the field of scars, it can be regarded as an authoritative brand and an indispensable magic weapon for Koreans after medical aesthetic.

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