Perceiving Forgiveness Differently – Rev. Jennifer McSween’s Riveting Book Uses Metaphysical Teachings to Help Readers Transform Their Life

January 11 23:39 2021

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – January 11, 2021 – Ordained Metaphysical Minister and transformational author Rev. Jennifer McSween has re-launched her book, True Forgiveness: The Proven Path from Pain to Power in 5 Simple Steps. This insightful book helps readers change their perception of the true cause of all pain and the process of healing. By being willing to change their perception, readers learn what forgiveness truly means, and how it can help them to feel empowered and at peace regardless of the pain or trauma they may have experienced.

True Forgiveness helps readers start a transformative journey to getting rid of the blocks that keep them from being happy and fulfilled in their relationships and feeling successful in other areas of their life. Based on the teachings of ‘A Course in Miracles’, the book shows readers how to let go of judgment and learn to look at all things from a place of love, power and of peace. Starting with an overview and then taking a deep dive into the process of true forgiveness and healing, the book ensures all readers have a smooth transition from feeling victimized, fearful, and hurt to feeling fearless, empowered and at peace. Not only does the book use metaphysical teachings to help readers identify the three major blocks that prevent happiness, but also shares the highly effective ‘Core 5 Step True Forgiveness Process’; a process proven to help people effectively practice forgiveness as the key to lasting happiness and genuine healing.

Rev. Jennifer McSween is a transformational author, coach, consultant and speaker. She is highly proactive about helping people become empowered to live authentic, happy, genuinely successful lives. She is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Spiritual Psychotherapist with a unique perspective of the human experience, which has allowed her to help people radically heal and transform their lives. Being ‘A Course in Miracles’ practice coach, she helps students develop a deeper understanding of the Course, so they can effectively apply the teachings to their specific situations, and in their daily lives.

Her trademarked ‘Core 5 Step True Forgiveness Process’ truly epitomizes the vast majority of what Rev. Jennifer shares with her readers. She wants people to let go of preconceived or commonplace notions of forgiveness as a spiritual practice that’s difficult and painful to practice, and sometimes unjust. Instead, she wants them to start viewing forgiveness as the ultimate tool for peace, happiness, healing, freedom, and personal transformation. Rev. Jennifer McSween is available for interviews.

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