The spring in Hubei comes early, enjoy the broad view of beauty

January 05 11:27 2021

Record of Hubei’s implemented activity of ‘travel with love together in Hubei province’

Invited by the mountains in Jing and water in Chu, rewarding to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

After the decisive result of COVID 19 pandemic prevention and control to defense Wuhan and Hubei, and to express gratitude to the whole nation, display the Hubei health and safety image, from August 8, 2020 to December 31st, Hubei provincial government launched the “travel with love together in Hubei province” activities, all the A-level scenic spots in the province are free of tickets for tourists all over the country.

Strongly driven by the policy dividend, Hubei’s tourism market has recovered in an orderly way. By December 27th, 390 A-level scenic spots in Hubei Province have been reopened, receiving more than 7,3021,000 tourists from all over the country, including more than 16,539,200 tourists from outside of Hubei Province, accounting for 22.65%.

“Travel with love in Hubei” activity has gained a good reputation and influence, and was received close attention from and widely praised by the society. The microblog topic reading volume of the activity exceeds 250 million times.

Reward of great love, upgrading of love poems

Be grateful to all the guests. On August 8th, Hubei officially launched the activity of ‘traveling with love in Hubei’. The first batch of people invited were ‘the most adorable people in the new era’ – medical representatives from all over the country. During the pandemic period, more than 340 medical teams and more than 42,000 medical staff supported Hubei Province. They demonstrated the Chinese power of unity in Jingchu and wrote a touching story of boundless love.

On the same day, representatives of medical team members from 23 provinces were invited to return to Hubei to share their friendship. They visited Yellow Crane Tower, East Lake greenway and Hubei Provincial Museum to experience the elegant charm of “Great Lakes, great rivers and great Wuhan”. In the next few days, two routes including the Jingchu culture tour and the cultural heritage tour are established. You can visit Fantawild park, taste the ancient city of Jingzhou, worship Qu Yuan the ancestor of poetry, climb the Three Gorges Dam, take a boat trip to the Tribe of Three Gorges, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xiangyang, get to know Daoism in Wudang fairy mountain, drink Danjiang water, and feel the charm of “beautiful and moving Hubei”.

Since the launch of the event, Hubei has released a number of branded tourist routes, elaborately promoted a number of upgraded A-level scenic spots, planned and produced promotional videos of ” Enjoy the broad view of beauty in Hubei” and “Warm Footprints in Hubei”, and launched the cultural and tourism consumption live streaming featuring “Travel Across Hubei Province and Visit Must-Go Scenic Spots”. At the same time, project awards and subsidies including tourism charter flights, tourism special trains, tourism charter groups were established to attract tourists from outside the province to come for a visit. All parts of the province have simultaneously innovated and launched cultural and travel consumer coupons, and introduced a series of measures to benefit the people and enterprises, such as “return, free of charge, reward, and subsidy” for scenic spots and hotels. The city of Wuhan has introduced several measures to support the recovery and development of the cultural tourism industry and issued 2 million cultural tourism consumption coupons worth 80 million yuan. The city of Xiangyang has researched and arranged 8 tourism measures that benefit enterprises and people. The city of Yichang has introduced 6 measures to promote tourism consumption and issued 20 million yuan in commerce, cultural and tourism consumption coupons.

The multi-level and intensive dividend policy and provincial policies have formed a synergistic effect, which has promoted the boom in popularity. On August 19th, the first tourist-dedicated train outside the province after the epidemic arrived in the city of Yichang. 514 tourists from Guangdong Province stayed in Yichang for one day and one night to visit Sanyou Cave and Tribe of Three Gorges, taking the cruise ship to experience the Two Dams and One Gorges and night scenes of Yangtze River. On August 31st, the first charter flight outside the Hubei province arrived in the city of Shiyan after the epidemic. 102 tourists in that flight from Ningxia Autonomous Region visited scenic spots such as Wudang Mountain, Happy Valley, Shennongjia etc. for 5 days and 4 nights. On August 20th, the first 1,000-member tourist group arrived in the city of Yichang after the epidemic. More than 1,000 tourists visited the Three Gorges Waterfall in Yichang in this off-season. On September 25th, the “Five Colors, Five Hearts, Fireworks along the River City” organized by Wuhan International Travel Service and Hubei China Travel Service for 10,000 people to visit Wuhan was grandly opened. More than 12,000 group tourists outside of Hubei and more than 2,500 tourists in Hubei been attracted to the city of Wuhan.

Share the beautiful scenery and enhance the quality of beauty

In the face of the tourists coming in a continuous stream, Hubei insists on taking the comfort and satisfaction of tourists’ travel experience as the primary criteria, and strives to the principle of “free does not undermine the services, discount does not degrade the quality”, and this even improve the quality of tourism services to a higher degree.

Where there are tourists, there are services of culture and tourism for them. Since the launch of those activities, a series of measures featuring “Four courtesies” have been adopted in Hubei province to welcome guests from everywhere. Events including culture and tourism volunteer services in scenic spots, free cultural activities in some scenic spots are carried out to promote cultural communication and improve service. Also there are events featuring “singing an identical song, welcoming guests all around” and praise our great motherland. Activities reservation platform allows travel agencies and tourists of other provinces’ access to its “fast pass” channel. Almost all places in Hubei have took part in the activity – inviting all medical teams that have helped Hubei back for tourism, and starred restaurants of these places also set “fast pass” channel accordingly for guests from other provinces. Social celebrities such as Zhang Boli, Kang Hui etc., as well as sports stars such as Yao Ming, Zhang Jiayi etc. have been invited to become the image representatives for Hubei province. Meanwhile, focusing on cultural landscape and natural scenery, mountains and streams, and folk customs, and relying on “study to strengthen the country”, Hubei learning platform held activities to collect cultural and artistic art work featuring above themes to worship heroes of the people.

As these activities continues, Hubei province accelerated the upgrade of tourist products. Projects of high-quality service have been launched by various scenic spots to improve high quality development. During the event, 35 featured night tour projects were held in Hubei. Of 19 featured night tour projects monitored during the golden week of National Holiday, the daily nighttime guest attendance reached 260,000, making them a new highlight in the holiday tourism market. As the dawn arrives, and with all lights turning on. Yellow Crane Tower with splendid lights, 25-kilomile-long Yangtze River light show, the gleaming Xiangyang Tang-City, glamorous laser light show on the volcano in the Journey to the West Park and etc., all these lift the curtain of night economy of Hubei tourism.

To ensure a safe and sound trip for guests, the two working modes “bringing umbrella even in sunny days (develop economy and prepare for pandemic-fighting when the situation improves)”, and “doing work while holding umbrella (develop economy and fight against the pandemic when the situation is worse off)” have been actively used. Together with Health Department, professionals have been assigned in each A-level scenic spots and for relatively large-scale tourist groups to strengthen pandemic prevention and control, tracking and supervision. These professionals will push forward full coverage of periodic nucleic acid testing for tourism practitioners of specific positions, make sure imported cold-chain food and staffs of starred restaurants have been tested, urge scenic spots to be strict on the implementation of prevention works such as body temperature check, scan code for real name registration etc., prompt travel agency to apply prevention and control measures to each link of tourist activities, urge starred restaurants to sterilize rooms regularly and change articles of daily use in guest room on the basis of “disinfect and change articles of daily use in guest room per guest”. All these actions are intended to strengthen pandemic prevention and control.

Dividend energizes the market cycle

“Travel with love together in Hubei” activity has made positive effect on Hubei tourist scenic spots. With the increasing number of tourist groups of other provinces visiting Hubei, its market consumption has been activated. The impact of the activity is also expanding.

With the help of ticket-free policy, scenic spot in Hubei province gained a high popularity. By Nov. 27th, of 390 A-level scenic spot in Hubei participating in the event, 337 reached or exceed its year-ago level, accounting for 86.41%. The guest arrival of 362 A-level scenic spot returned to over 80% of its year-ago level, accounting for 92.82%.      Tourist attractions like Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Happy Valley, Tribe of Three Gorges, the Tourist Area of the Three Gorges Dam, Wudang Mountains, Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World, Xiangyang Tang-City Film Studio, Shennong Peak in Shengnongjia Eco tourism area, the homeland of Quyuan, Three Gorges Grand Waterfalls have become heated spot for guest reservations both in and outside of Hubei. And it’s even hard to get a single ticket during peak season. The travel agencies in the province received all together 16242 tour groups, with each group consists of over 100 tourists. The total number of group tourists reached 17,190,400, which is an increase of 10,075,000 and 2.41 times on its year-ago level (based on 142 days).

During the event, Hubei province invited famous national tourism corporations including China Tourism Group, CYTS, Meituan, China Comfort Travel to come to Hubei for research and business negotiation. The provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Tourism Group, the provincial culture and tourism department signed a special cooperation agreement with Meituan and CYTS. Then, the “headquarter in central China” of China Tourism Group was established and invested and developed Wuhan duty-free tourism complex, Wuhan Culture and Tourism Resort project as per the investment agreement. They also made a special trip to Shanghai for the investment promotion event of the culture and tourism industry in Yangtze- river Delta region. 22 projects across cities including Wuhan, Huangshi, Shiyan and Xiangyang signed the contract. The Culture and Tourism Department of Hubei province signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 3 platform companies including, TravelGo and Lvmama.

The recovery and revitalization of tourism industry in Hubei province also lead to the fast recovery of other relevant industries. It stimulates significantly industries including accommodation, F&B, entertainment, transportation. As of Dec. 27th, 355 starred hotels in Hubei reopened, which account for 94.67% of the work resumption rate. According to the numbers from provincial statistics bureau, thanks to the effective event of “travel in Hubei”, retail sales of consumer goods in Hubei province from January to November presented a year-on-year decline of 23.2%, which narrowed the decline from January to October by 1.9%. The retail sales of consumer goods in November were down by 6.1%, which narrowed the month-on-month decline by 1.1%. The sales revenue of F&B industry in Hubei province presented a year-on-year increase of 4.7%, which is a month-on-month decline of 1.4% after a rise.  

The spring in Hubei comes early, enjoy the broad view of beauty. In 2021, Hubei will continue to advocate the melody and theme featuring “love”, and welcome visitors with splendid natural scenery and more qualified service.

(Script by the Culture and Tourism Department of Hubei Province)

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