Sichuan satellite TV stands out, Guoyun Concert expanded circle of influence and created a huge buzz.

January 04 18:13 2021

The 2021 Wuliangye blooming world · Guoyun New Year Concert of Sichuan satellite TV (SCTV) started last night. As soon as the program was broadcasted, it immediately aroused wide public attention. SCTV New Year’s concert, Ding Zhen’s unaccompanied singing, behind the scenes clip of Ding Zhen and his friends and other topics are hottest topics of social platforms like weibo and tiktok. This new year’s concert of SCTV continues the theme of “Chinese charm(Guoyun)” and presents the fusion of Bashu culture, traditional culture and national culture, creating a grand ceremony of national charm with the coexistence of cultural heritage and the trend of the times. Netizens call “SCTV has deliberated, and its future is promising”.


Guochao breaks the traditional label in the new year, and the program becomes the hottest topic

SCTV’s Guoyun New Year Concert is dedicated to the presentation of traditional culture, and at the same time, deeply excavates the contemporary popular trend and user preferences, so as to create a Guoyun grand ceremony different from the traditional New Year party. It not only meets the ritual sense of the New Year party, but also skillfully interprets and inherits the traditional Chinese culture, effectively realizes the basic idea of “1 + 1 > 2”, and breaks the traffic pattern of the New Year party that only inviting stars with a huge fan base.

Featured theme style, innovative program form and ingenious program arrangement make audience refreshing and netizens instantly boiling. Judging from the results, the 2021 Wuliangye blooming world · Guoyun New Year Concert of SCTV has obviously achieved good results and created a good reputation story.

New year’s experience of “Guoyun” highlights cultural connotation

In recent years, SCTV has meticulously created the “blooming world” IP, constantly bringing forth new ideas. Since last year, it has been developing its own way, digging deep into traditional culture, focusing on the pioneer of Chinese style music, and standing out from the white hot competition of new year’s party.

This year’s concert is a masterpiece, with stage deeply combined with Sichuan culture, stage design arranged according to the characteristics of the program, and full of Chinese style music. In the guest lineup, SCTV dares to break through the customary law, does not use traffic as a gimmick, invites Audio Monsters, Qiran, Shen Miren and other national style artists to sing Chinese style classics, and invites Zhang Liangying, Zhang Xinzhe, Pan weibo and other powerful pop singers to help bring national style innovation and let traditional culture break through the wall.

The form of the program is unique and innovative. The theme of the show, such as the grand show of Chinese costumes, the revival of cultural relics, and the folk songs and dances, fully coincide with the theme of the party, appropriately reflect the charm of traditional national charm, and highlight the diversity and inclusiveness of traditional culture.The stage performance is even more wonderful, singing traditional national style classics, emerging new innovative elements, and inheriting national culture. The concert not only meets people’s deep expectations for the inheritance of traditional culture, but also meets people’s deep prospects of the continuous innovation of new things.

In recent years, SCTV has a continuous stream of creative vitality. It has the courage to break the Convention and start from the new point of view, especially in the conception innovation of programs, themes and ideas.It is expected that SCTV will continue to draw on the strengths of the public and create programs with higher quality and easier to be accepted and liked by the audience.

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